A platform / a system of DC lighting products, applications and services

ALTERNATE POWER Today’s lighting requires the ability to switch from a building’s AC power to alternate energy sources. LIGHTZERO's digital technology not only meets emergency egress lighting requirements but allows switching to numerous options for back-up power with selectable levels of illumination. This adds features essential for sustainability, net zero construction, and specialized applications. solar panel VOICE CONTROL Controlling a home, office or building’s lighting from the “Cloud” is becoming a necessity, so why would a contemporary lighting technology not include voice control? LIGHTZERO has chosen Amazon Alexa as our first voice control interface and will soon be adding Google Assistant. LightZero Grid alexa voice speaker SUSTAINABILITY DC lighting is the key to lighting’s future and plays a vital role in sustaining our environment. There is no lighting technology on the planet that is more energy efficient or, when compared to AC powered lighting has as small of a carbon footprint as LIGHTZERO. INTELLIGENT LIGHTING LIGHTZERO not only provides energy monitoring and lighting control from the “Cloud” and Philip’s Hue app, but is controllable using BACnet, KNX, DMX, DALI and 0-10 VDC controls. Allowing industry standard controls increases LIGHTZERO's capacity for use in an unlimited number of lighting applications. cloud arrow split 1 friends of hue logo Globe

CAT-6 CABLE Less expensive, easy to run and providing a significantly reduced carbon footprint when compared to installations using heavy gauge wire and metal conduit or Romex, is allowing Category Cable to become the wiring method of choice for lighting. LIGHTZERO's technology uses two pair of the eight Cat-6 conductors for every 100 watts of Class-2 power, providing a total 200 watts of LED illumination on a single Cat-6 cable. COST REDUCTION LIGHTZERO's technology removes drivers from fixtures, reduces AC cost from heat load, provides centralized - 96% AC to DC power conversion, uses 200 Lumens per watt / 100,000 hour rated LEDs, removes heavy gauge copper wire, metal conduit and J-boxes from installations and the basic system provides virtually unlimited lighting control. LIGHTZERO reduces the cost for an installed lighting system, provides ongoing energy reduction and maintenance costs and delivers the most sustainable lighting available. money graph split 2 WELLNESS An increasing number of architects, designers and facility managers utilize research-driven design, recognizing that the illumination of a space can have a measurable influence on the well-being of its occupants. LIGHTZERO employs applications and LEDs specifically designed for healthcare where the effect of lighting on an individual’s circadian rhythm, health and well-being can be improved. SAFETY LIGHTZERO's exclusive use of Class-2 DC power to fixtures and controls (inherently safe per NEC) provides lighting that cannot cause a fire or electrocution. This not only provides a safer environment but can add value to a structure and reduce insurance costs. Circadian Graphic line money graph split 1 LightZero img Cat-5 Upward 7 LightZero img Cat-5 Upward 4

The heart of the system is the Digital Light Module, remotely providing power and control to LED fixtures over Cat-6 Cable. This technology eliminates heavy gauge copper wire, metal conduit and J-boxes from the installation of lighting, reduces installation costs by over 75%, reduces the carbon footprint of a building’s lighting system by more than 80%, decreases HVAC heat load from lighting by at least 20%, removes AC drivers and controls from fixtures and eliminates the possibility of a fire or electrocution from a building’s lighting system. LIGHTZERO's technology creates a distributed DC power and control micro-grid for lighting that employs advanced digital technology while accepting both cutting-edge and traditional lighting controls. The technology integrates directly with Building Management Systems (BACnet, KNX, DMX, DALI, etc.) and connects directly to alternate power sources such as solar, wind and battery stored power. The system has the smallest carbon footprint of any installed lighting system on the planet, is based on sustainability from design through end-of-life, provides LEED points and is a major component of net-zero construction.

Compact 10 thru 60 channel Digital Light Modules, cloud-based energy monitoring, sixty channel Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and a revolutionary USB-C & DC power wall module will be released first quarter 2020.